Wavian USA 5 Gallon Plastic Water Jug Can with Easy Pour Spout, Green (2 Pack)


  • Plastic container for drinking water storage holds 5 gallons (22 liters)
  • Originally designed for the Australian military
  • Constructed with BPA-free, food-grade, opaque resin that inhibits bacteria growth
  • UV stabilized design stands up to extended use outdoors in even the toughest climates
  • Features a bayonet closure for leak-proof pouring


The next time you go on an offroading or camping adventure, you won’t have any excuse for not drinking enough water. That’s because with the tough Wavian USA 5-Gallon Plastic Water Can you’ll have all the H2O you need and more. Originally designed for use by the Australian military, this 5-gallon water jug is exactly the kind of water storage solution you want for adventures or emergency preparation – from the Outback to your own backyard. It’s constructed with tough, BPA-free, food-grade plastic that resists bacteria growth and damage from UV rays, impact, and harsh climates. Store up to 5 gallons or 22 liters of water and enjoy easy, leak- and spill-free pouring with the integrated breather and bayonet closure. With this jerrycan, dehydration can’t slow you down.


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