Renogy 12V 100Ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Pure Gel Battery


  • Long Service Life: Heavy duty lead-calcium grids ensure mild corrosion and enable a long designed service life of 10 years? standby use under optimal float charge conditions and below optimal operating temperature of 25?
  • Patent Designed Construction: Renogy batteries are equipped with PE compound separator construction, which ensures that gel electrolyte is distributed evenly through-out the inner battery and ensures the best evenness of all parts of the battery.
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Renogy?s 12V Deep Cycle Pure GEL Battery is an excellent choice for standby or daily power needs ? even in the most severe conditions. Built tough with a leak-proof maintenance-free design, this battery provides both performance and long battery life. Renogy?s 12V Deep Cycle Pure GEL Battery is perfect for critical systems due to its ability to withstand repeated charge-discharge cycles. Stay protected against sudden loss to mains power and ensure your vehicle or off-grid systems stay powered with Renogy?s Pure GEL batteries.Need a little more power? Connect several batteries in a series or parallel battery bank with Renogy Battery Interconnect Cables.


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