Priority Start ProMax 12-Volt H.D. Automatic Battery Protector bundle with Holster


  • 1 of PriorityStart 12V H.D. Automatic Battery Protector and 1 Holster
  • Don?t get stuck with a dead battery, Get started with PriorityStart!
  • AUTOMATICALLY DISCONNECTS; any drain on the battery (when engine is off), even a short, leaving starting power, NO dead battery!
  • AUTOMATICALLY RECONNECTS; simply put foot on brake, or operate light switch, any small load change and start the vehicle. No button to push, or raising the hood.
  • Do-it-yourself installation 3 easy steps ? No hard wiring. Easy to attach; Connect your vehicle positive cable to PriorityStart! Attach PriorityStart! Cable to your positive post. Attach the ground wire to the batteries negative post-that?s it!
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This is bundle of 2 items, a Priority Start 12V H.D. battery protector and a Priority Start holster. The 12V ProMax H.D. from PriorityStart! is the only automatic computerized on/off protection system for your battery, alternator, and electrical system on the market today. It recognizes when your battery’s voltage drops to 11.7 volts, and then disconnects so that the battery’s voltage can recover. The 12V ProMax H.D. offers heavier load capacity (up to 1,600 starting amps/400 continuous amps) for the effectiveness you want.


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